Jagged Horizons partner Piste View

Jagged Horizons are now official partners of Piste View – a project to map ski areas around the Alps.

When Piste View took their cameras to the Sella Ronda in the Italian Dolomites last week, they began the first project with support from Jagged Horizons. Filming the ski slopes in first person perspective, during descents of some of the most iconic ski areas in the Alps was video content we at Jagged Horizons couldn’t miss out on.

From our perspective, when some of our clients are looking for something under the radar, the question is inevitably - ‘what is the skiing like?’ TripAdvisor does a great job of supporting hotel selection, whilst transfer times are pretty easy to gauge. But ski maps and descriptions lack any sense of drama, scale or gradient and most of the time, new resorts are selected blind, by the client. Mapping apps are forging ahead with great user experiences, but we found that Piste View offer the best depiction of a ski area, without actually going there.

Our partnership extends to embedding Piste View content (where relevant) in our website to inform the user of the skiing / snowboarding on offer. Piste View have been kind enough to carry our brand, which is visible on the 360, VR videos where the camera follows the cameraperson down the mountain. Once the series of videos are online, then a connected app will show all the pistes and lifts and link them through interactive controls.

Until then, you can get a taster of the videos that we support starting with the Sella Ronda (counter-clockwise / green route). Take a look at red ski piste 5, above Selva Wolkenstein, filmed in 360, VR format:


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