Juggling the CHF and EUR

Corporate skiers would probably appreciate better than anyone the movements in foreign exchange over recent winters.

And with the continued fluctuations of the Swiss Franc and Euro then there is a lot of uncertainty even for conferences and events that are quoted for in Sterling. This is because whilst the trips are quoted in domestic currency the trip components are still subject to the exchange movements and operators will of course factor this in to costings. On top of that there are clients in destinations who are likely to be putting their hands in pockets throughout their trip - at times this will involve pulling a whole lot of notes out. As well as tracking and forecasting exchange rates and selecting between Switzerland or the rest of the Alps, trip planner can also play it safe with certain destination choices in those markets. The 'label' destinations all offer less expensive accommodation but for clients trying to create a positive impression it doesn't work to be a 'have not' in a resort full of 'haves' - comparisons can be cruel. Instead trip planners should look for destinations that offer real value and can allow them to remain at the top of the pile there. We had a corporate group in Austria a couple of winters ago, the previous year it had been 1850. The hotel bar bill during the stay in Austria was around 30% of the one in Courchevel 1850. With 30+ people in the bar each night you can imagine that this represented a huge saving. And there wasn't a noticeable difference but for a 'nein' instead of a 'non'. Similarly I have stayed in accommodation in the top French resorts and the rooms have been ridiculously small, genuinely uncomfortable. An address is one thing, a room number gives a much clearer picture!

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