Meet the Red Bull way

Year round meeting spaces don't come much more remarkable than the futuristic Red Bull Hangar 7 complex at Salzburg airport, Austria.

The building in itself is a marvel, an ultra-modern aircraft hangar made from glass and steel. The huge doors open to the Alpine air whilst an elevated walkway winds round the inner skin to reach a central vantage point. The interior features incredible displays of historic planes and state-of-the-art, genuine F1 cars. Amongst the art and machines are several lounges, indoor and outdoor meeting spaces and an award winning restaurant.

Hangar 7 is fantastically located on the far side of Salzburg airport, away from the monotony of the public terminal. It offers open vistas across the flat space of the airport apron toward the towering peaks around Salzburg. Given its location it can readily be added to any event itinerary that utilises Salzburg airport, both at the start or end of the event. The sheer presence of Hangar 7 along with its incredible restaurant and stunning meeting / breakout areas make it one of the most extraordinary meeting spaces in Europe.

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