Megeve to Mont Blanc in minutes

…naturally not on skis or by road - rather by air. Anyone who has skied in Megeve has surely stopped in awe at the sight of Mont Blanc on the near horizon; the views are another great aspect of this most French ski institution.

Jagged Horizons are just back from a great and all too short trip to Megeve to see what they are offering to corporates this coming winter. The free flowing and free champagne that accompanied the Christmas tree lighting in the Megeve square was very welcome as was the (calorifically horrifying, yet utterly irresistible) outdoor fondue. But the highlight had to be the scenic flight that took us from Megeve over the Vallee Blanche. The small group of journalists and event company professionals were split over 2 planes and taken for the ride of their lives, leaving the Megeve airstrip and bound for the highest peak in the Alps. Flying in tandem, over the massive ice fields and seemingly close enough to touch the mighty rock faces, the formation took an incredible route around this iconic mountain scape. It is jaw-dropping from the rock and snow but truly something else from the air. Get a good day, a few friends, an empty memory card and take one of these flights over some of the most remarkable terrain you will ever see. As soon as we touched down back in Megeve the French were serving up the food - time for Atkins!

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