O2 – meeting George Ezra on the best roof terrace in London

Forget competing for a corner of a roof terrace in London, the O2 lets you climb the ‘dome’ and see London from a whole new perspective.

Depending on musical tastes, it’s fair to say that not everything that takes place beneath the domed canvas of the O2 in London adds to global cultural wellbeing, yet the structure is not solely about comeback tours and pop idols. 

A suspended walkway allows the general public to make guided ascents of the outside of the dome. Clients are kitted-out with full body harnesses and under the lead of a guide begin the steep ascent of the walkway. The gradient eases off and at the central point of the O2 Arena, clients enter a central platform where they can unclip from the guide cable and walk freely.

Cameras are allowed at this point as is champagne for those who have signed up to the package. It was here that I became familiar with George Ezra for the first time, he was with us on the roof for a promotional shoot. Nice fellow, whose escape to the solitude of the O2 roof was slightly undone by our group chanting his name.

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