One night in Salzburg

On Christmas day we jumped on the train from Innsbruck to Salzburg for a mini adventure to explore the sights that Salzburg has to offer.

I could tell you all about the rather wonderful Christkindlmarkt and wandering through Universitätsplatz to gawk at the house where Mozart was born, or the famous perfectly manicured Mirabell Gardens where Maria and the children sing 'Do-Re-Mi' in The Sound of Music, but If I could recommend just one thing for anyone to do if they find themselves in Salzburg, it would be to go for a walk and admire the view.

To begin, we walked to the Hohensalzburg Fortress.The fortress looms above and dominates the skyline so it's pretty easy to find. There are two ways you can get to the top, either take the funicular or walk, it's a little steep, but nice. We were lucky enough to have timed our walk perfectly allowing about an hour before sunset to amble.

From the fortress entrance we walked round the hill through the leafy woods to look south over the incredible mountainous landscape. Continuing through the woods along a path we came to Stadtalm, a bar and hostel overlooking another spectacular viewpoint. (Perfect for a quick beer!) The last stop on this panoramic overview takes you to the Observation Terrace at the Museum of Modern Art, which looks back on to the Fortress where the walk began.

It was wonderful looking out on to the city as the sun went down, but more than anything it gave you a real impression of the city's layout and a chance to admire the unique combination of scenic Alpine landscape and its architectural richness.

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