Regatta in the city – sailing on the Tagus, Lisbon

Group team building events don’t get glitzier – a team sailing regatta off the coast of a European capital.

Few sports signal success and style like sailing. The settings, the sailing hardware and the rules mark it out as an elite sport. Prohibitively expensive sailing craft exclude many from this ultimate pursuit, yet team sailing regattas can immerse groups in the joy of wind powered motion, as well as the highly strategic and competitive tactics of yacht racing.

Last week, we hosted a sailing regatta on the waters beneath the iconic Ponte 25 de Abril bridge, in the heart of Lisbon. Led by a skipper, teams of 7 crew fought it out to win the prestigious departmental event. Even complete sailing novices became integral parts of the yacht management, with teamwork ensuring the sails were trimmed and competitors were consistently seen over the stern. After a half day of yacht racing, the Ellen MacArthur’s were sorted from the Davy Jones', with the kudos accompanying the winning team to the gala dinner.

The beauty of Lisbon is its compact nature and its location on the waters of the Tagus estuary and the Atlantic Ocean. The Tagus estuary in Lisbon, where the river empties into the Atlantic, is a dramatic setting to take to the water in a sailing regatta. The connection between the estuary and the capital city is intimate, offering sailing in the shadows of the southern edge of the city.

Yacht in a sailing regatta in Lisbon, Portugal.
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