Remarkable meeting venues to inspire

When thousands of eyes are required to focus on a single podium, venues are largely limited to cavernous halls. When the audience isn’t so huge, then ditch the functional box and liberate minds in masterpieces of contemporary interior & exterior design.

If form only ever followed function, we would be existing in a fairly uninspiring space. Whilst the largest conference venues are governed by the economics and logistics of scale, smaller capacity spaces are developing truly inspirational interiors – places to super-charge minds. Vast pharma conferences require the highest capacity venues, but for many conference needs, there are more individual, intimate spaces available across the major hubs in Europe.

Location x 3

It’s a well-worn concept but location in most aspects of the business world really does matter. Where an event planner takes a team, where they sleep, dine & engage in activities, are key factors in reaching business objectives. The same is true of meeting venues – productive minds, energised by a break in their conventional working week are primed for further inspiration in their meeting setting. Whilst large venues can get the message to many attendees, collaboration and problem solving require a more stimulating, intimate setting. Stimulation comes from amongst other things, our surroundings, how light penetrates our vicinity, the colours and designs of furniture, the access to break-out areas with invigorating fresh air and unfamiliar vistas.

Hybrid events – meet & reward

Many of our clients look to combine incentive events with a meeting element - their goals are to both reward and energise staff, but also to problem solve and strategize. Taking teams to dramatic locations, with inspiring event programmes, only to have them meet in a ‘functional’ venue is inconceivable. Instead, bring the sense of a destination indoors, into the meeting venue, with bold interior design concepts and designer furniture. It matters. In most cases the reward part of a combined event would normally be more popular than the business side of things – further reason to impress and stimulate teams with dramatic meeting spaces.


The other feature of large conference centres is that they are by necessity, often located outside the centre of a destination. Accommodation is usually on-site, and thus convenient, but that dilutes the whole delegate experience – the opportunity to be somewhere new and stimulating doesn’t marry with the concept of ‘out of town’ conference halls and hotels. Meetings and conferences that can take place in smaller venues, must occupy more central venues, where the true sense of a destination is felt, where there is a visual and practical connection to city skylines, beach promenades or cultural landmarks.

There are obvious logistical constraints on the site for large audience conferences and incumbent conference centres are loathe to see their clients migrate to other locations. But where possible, the use of smaller, better located and more inspirational venues is by some way, the best outcome. Across the leading economic hubs of Europe, there are an expanding range of truly inspiring spaces to meet in, and when the meeting is over, it is time to celebrate the successful day.

Ornate meeting room in Bordeaux hotel
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