Robbie rocks Ischgl

May snow and 25K fans greeted Robbie Williams on the mountain of Ischgl where he amazed his German and Austria worshippers with a mix of new and old classics.

You knew something was afoot when walking through Ischgl in the morning where they were effectively transforming the streets into an open air bar - every hotel parking lot was being turned into a beer tent. Even the shops were getting in on the act with all spare space given over to beer taps and benches - the place was alive. And this is Ischgl - probably the greatest exponent of apres ski anywhere in the world - it is hard to believe that they could ramp up their cell-destroying offerings but they were.

Luckily we had press passes to skip past the masses who were cramming into the gondolas and we headed up the mountain and into the snow - yes if they day couldn't be any more perfect the skies were full of snow clouds and the Idalp area was being battered with driving snow. First there was the press conference where Robbie was kissing an opportunist reporter from Switzerland - Mrs Robbie Williams in attendance as well! A bit of football talk followed and for the record Robbie isn't sure that England are going to bring home the cup this year.

An hour or so later and we were underway. The concert played right to the audiences needs - 'Let me entertain you' was the first track and the crowd duly sang along, jumped and waved smart phones. Love him or not, Robbie Williams is one mega performer and his routine had the crowd going crazy. At the end of the concert Robbie trundled off in his Pisten Bully whilst the revellers were treated to a DJ set before heading down to the valley to one of the biggest parties that Ischgl has ever seen. This really was a 'What's eating Gilbert Grape' moment for the Paznaun Valley - the place was absolutely alive. No idea what the event planners at Ischgl have in store next year but Robbie Williams is going to be a mighty tough act to follow.

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