Sexy seminar venues for corporate ski trips

The hotels are excellent but not dissimilar, the resort is well-known and the activities need to ensure everyone gets home un-aided. And whilst the hotel is sumptuous, sleeping, showering and eating there might not make it the ideal location for sparking ideas, focusing minds or launching products.

Luckily the mountains offer endless possibilities for seminar venues that can blow clients away for location whilst still keeping them connected to the world with technical interfaces and capture devices. Let's face it - take staff or clients to a world beating and unfamiliar mountain location and then throw a seminar, workshop, brain storming in the middle of the week and you are going to see some stragglers (to say the least) making their way past the ski room to a hotel games room, complete with projector and sketchy wireless. That is not to say that many hotels aren't offering superb meeting facilities, but choices shouldn't end there. But the point is the seminar venue should be as (or more realistically nearly as) impressive as the time on the chairs, the snow and the terraces. You have your team there, unshackled from the daily commute, freed from the high-rise horizon, it is time to get them somewhere where their brains can be wringed dry of ideas and inspiration.

There are an increasing number of stunning options to host seminars during a corporate ski trip that build on the freedom and escapism of a mountain location. The variety encompasses a range of solutions from ancient to contemporary, outdoor, underground or indoors, valley-based, glacially high or water fringing. Castles are unlikely to be found too far above the valley floor nor are modern spa complexes that almost all offer cutting-edge seminar facilities along with break-outs amongst superb surroundings. Higher up into the mountains there are the traditional mountain huts which can provide atmosphere and awe to match anywhere - some manage to combine modern technical facilities with centuries' old timbers. And where lift stations occupy hubs in ski areas, their size often allows the provision of shops and restaurants as well as wonderfully positioned seminar rooms. If it is a cold, sunny powder day then it may be best to pull down the blinds on any slope-facing windows though! If there is a seminar component planned in your corporate ski trip then make sure that it is not the most forgettable part of the trip - it needn't be.

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