Ski races for groups as well as the pros

We have all been there - as the night rolls on and the schnapps begins to flow the heroics on the slopes get grander by the 'prost'. We went steeper, faster and further than anyone can recall.

But nothing can question a team picture or a winner's medal in a boot bag. And it isn't just Bode who can stand on a podium, ski races can be arranged for groups for fun or more serious competitions whether internally or competing against other organisations.

Ski races on the glaciers

The glaciers are the ideal locations to host these organised races, they offer wide slopes, excellent snow and generally moderate gradients which shouldn't see too many helicopter evacuations. The glaciers host numerous national race teams throughout the summer and autumn and are well placed to set up a course for corporate challenges.

The medal goes to…

Our experience of these team events suggests that even those not pushing for a place in Sochi are often mighty proud of their achievements. The possibilities for team building are excellent when competing against external organisations, whilst internal competition can be great fun.

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