Skiing keeps you young and sane - it's official

The good folk at the University of Salzburg have eclipsed just about all research that preceded them with their seminal work 'Salzburg Skiing for the Elderly Study: study design and intervention - health benefit of alpine skiing for elderly'.

Müller, Gimpl, Poetzelsberger, Finkenzeller and Scheiber of the 'Laboratory Biomechanics in Skiing' (yes you really have to smile at that departmental name) looked the long term benefits of alpine skiing. Their subjects were required to ski an average of 28 and a half days over 12 weeks and averaged nearly 5km of vertical whilst covering just over 40km per day. Heart rate and GPS data were recorded to assess the effects of this exercise on the human body. Those lucky enough to be put through this rigorous 12 week examination demonstrated improved mean oxygen uptake, increased muscle strength and volume, as well as (least surprisingly of all) an increase in 'positive mood' and reduction in 'negative mood'. Quite how receptive to the argument of improved mood and muscle mass a human resources department will be in deciding a corporate ski trip will vary between companies but hopefully the work of these genius minds at the Laboratory Biomechanics in Skiing will be sufficiently compelling. Ski trips are good for business!

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