Spring is in the Air!

Here in the Alps the seasonal change is upon us. The days are growing longer and the air is finally feeling warmer.

We are so lucky to have such glorious mountains surrounding us here in Innsbruck, why not get above the city and explore what Innsbruck's surrounding mountains have to offer. Over the next two posts we will share with you just two of many great activities to do at this time of year; they are on opposite sides of the mountains giving you great views of Innsbruck… and a perfect spot for lunch.

The Arlzer Alm

There are many different paths to take depending on the length of walk you would like to do. You could start the walk at the Weiherburgsteg, a very pretty arched wooden tunnelled bridge close to the city centre and walk your way up past the Alpin Zoo and into the woods. Alternatively, you can take a J bus route from the city centre to Hungerburg station, which takes you up to Innsbrucker Nordkettenbahnen, this is great option for those that only wanting a short walk as this will take around 40mins, compared to 2hours if you walk from the bridge! In the spring I would definitely recommend good shoes, as the bottom can be completely dry, then before you know if you are in sticky mud then snow!

This woodland hike is not too steep, just a little 'off the beaten track' at times, but that's all part of the charm, before you know it the woods open up and you arrive at the Arlzer Alm. On a sunny day this is a truly great spot, they have an abundance of deck chairs and outdoor tables for you to sit back and relax and soak up the sun. Even if the weather is a little less desirable, you can eat inside and enjoy the warm cosy traditional hut and curl up by the fire. The Arlzer Alm has lots of option at very reasonable prices. If you're looking a traditional Austrian dish I would recommend the kaspressknödelsuppe, a small but very filling clear beef broth with a cheese dumpling, or for a lighter option the spinach dumpling with a lovely selections of salads is also really nice.

Don't miss the next post, which features another great walk and lunch spot on the opposite side of Innsbruck!

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