Summer in the alps

The summer in the alps is a magical time. When the heat inside the cities and valleys increases and all you want to have is a cool down, some days in the mountains can be just the refreshing relaxation time you are looking for.

The alpine regions around Tyrol and South Tyrol are just the perfect location for collecting some special moments during this time and escape from the excessive summer heat. While you can reach of lot of nice place by cable car, also during summer, the most satisfying activity will probably be hiking or mountain biking. Don’t worry even though you will most likely heat up during such activities, once you reached the peak of the mountain, the hut of you desire, or a mountain lake with fresh cold water it will all be worth it! If you, however, fancy a less demanding activity, an example of a really breath-taking view that is reachable by cable car quite easily is the mountain 'Seceda', located in the Dolomites in South Tyrol, which is worth a visit for sure!

There are various famous hiking routes in the alps such as the Stubaier Höhenweg, where you can hike for several days from hut to hut and enjoy the nights in the mountains, which is an adventure in itself. On top you have the possibility for amazing sunrise hikes or just for the pure pleasure of watching the beautiful night sky with plenty of stars and maybe even the milky way. Of course, you should also take some time to taste the amazing traditional Austrian hut food during your hiking trip, where my personal favourite is for sure “Kaspressknödel”, especially the ones from Umbrüggler Alm or Höttinger Alm, which are located at the Nordkette nearby Innsbruck. Furthermore, for a day trip you could chose a trip to the famous Achensee and explore the mountains all around, which will give you a fabulous view across the Achental. Once you’re back down in the valley you might want to enjoy a fresh water dip, combined with some stand-up paddling or a boat trip across the Achensee. For a secret spot with an amazing landscape the Obernberger See could be your perfect location, which is often called “Little Canada”. It’s located at around 1,600 metres above sea level and will therefore usually assure a refreshing swim even during very hot temperatures, with a rather relaxing hike and a beautiful scenery.

During summer there are also some unique events in the alps, such as the Sonnwendfeuer or Herz-Jesu-Feuer, which usually takes place on the weekend of the solstice every year. It’s a celebration to welcome summer and various fires in amazing formations and forms are lit, which is spectacular from the mountains’ top but also from the valley. Whether you chose to have a day trip, a long weekend or an extended vacation, the alps might be the place to go for you!

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