Summer on Lake Garda

We have just come back from an event for 450 guests on the waters of Lake Garda which combined exquisite food and great activities in the stylish lakeside of Garda - one of the most fantastic lakes in the Alps.

Highlights were numerous but for us it was those little Italian touches of style that really made an impact. Watching the headwaiter oversee the dispatch of 4 courses to 400+ people was not dissimilar to watching an orchestral conductor - it was seriously impressive. All set in a historic waterfront warehouse - the dinner was remarkable with delicious food, a live band and some of the finest wine in the region. Client highlights also included the pool party and canyoning - who are we to argue?

But for a few periods of light wind during the sailing regatta, the weather was delivered to order. All-in-all a great couple of days in this Italian paradise. Now for the white version of H2O.

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