Tegernsee – from rustic peaks to well-heeled waterfront

Germany is wonderfully diverse - edgy urban culture, glaciers in its southern reaches, city centre surfing, and pristine shores on its Baltic coast. This diversity is well illustrated in Tegernsee, where exclusive lakeside promenades soon give way to the foothills of the Bavarian Alps and their historic, rustic mountain huts.

Tegernsee is possibly the country’s most charming destination, where wealthy and A-list Germans live and visit, drawn in by the magical, placid waters of the Tegernsee lake and the backdrop of the rising Bavarian Alps. The lake is on the very edge of ascending Alps – look north and view the levelling plains of the interior of Germany, whilst to the south lies the towering rocky border with its southern neighbour, Austria.

Neighbourhood diversity 

The diversity of Tegernsee is perfectly illustrated by the contrast between the uniform surface of the placid lake waters and the wilds of the towering peaks just to the south of the lake. Serenity gives way to grandeur in under 2km, as the lake plains transition to the forested foothills of the Wallberg mountain. For event planners, this proximate diversity affords huge potential, offering delegates the chance to sample the upmarket waterfront terraces & promenades, or the action-packed trails of the Bavarian Alps, or else a combination of the 2.

Beer garden to Michelin

Whilst Tegernsee is one of the most desirable event locations in Germany, it remains grounded in German practicalities. There are 5-star superior hotels with to-die-for terraces and Michelin kitchens, but there are also beer gardens serving some of Germany’s finest beer and staple Bavarian dishes. The mountain huts offer traditional, classic dishes, served from rudimentary, yet superb quality, rustic surroundings. In short, Tegernsee might be the top table of German event locations, but it is a million miles from a Monaco!

Proximity to Munich

Historically, Tegernsee grew in popularity due to its proximity to Munich – just 35km from Munich Hauptbahnhof by train. Departing the sprawling economic and cultural powerhouse of Munich, visitors are transported to a fairy tale world of villas, rowing boats and ski pistes. The proximity to Munich offers event planners the option to host meetings, incentive events or conferences as an alternative to the familiar programmes of Munich.


Train travel is just one aspect of the sustainability programme in Tegernsee. Long before the topic of sustainability ever arose, the electrified train was the most practical way to get to the very heart of Tegernsee – this being true in the most car-loving nation in Europe. Policies and programmes in Tegernsee to protect and enhance this spectacular location include promoting local supply chains, protecting the waters and biodiversity of the area, empowering women and promoting local traditions & cultural events.

Event planners have long been guilty of overlooking Germany as an event destination – France to the west and Italy to the south have long eclipsed the mighty German nation when it comes to hosting events. This leaves the tantalising opportunity to enthral delegates amongst the pristine waters and air, in one of the most beautiful and diverse locations in Germany. Tegernsee - expect to be surprised.

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