Tell your boss to Go Jump!

This might be the only time in your life when you can literally tell your boss to 'Go Jump' and not lose your job!

In the footsteps of Channel 4's 'The Jump', the boss (and just about anyone for that matter) can learn to ski jump!  This is a fantastic & totally extraordinary way to inspire, thrill and challenge any team - by recreating your own company version of The Jump.  Hurtling down the  Olympic bobsled track, timed slalom races and finishing with a ski jump - this is an experential activity like no other.  Some activities require absolutely no previous experience, whilst some (such as the slalom and the ski jump) simply need an ability to ski a blue run.


Innsbruck is home to an Olympic Bobsled track.  In teams of 5 guests and 1 professional driver, the bobsled hurtles down the 800m ice canal at speeds of up to 90 km/h. There are 10 curves including the breath-taking 'Kreisel' a 270-degree (circular) curve and after the descent, a nip of schnapps is required by all!


In the ski tracks of Austria's golden son Mario Matt and his gold medal slalom run in Sochi, find your own Gold, Silver and Bronze Medal performers!   And for those not quite confident enough to ski down the slalom course, a toboggan run down the slalom course can be organised!


Indeed it is possible to learn to jump in an afternoon - approx 3 hours includes some theory, exercises and then finally a jump!  It definitely requires courage but only basic ski ability - a great chance to find your very own Eddie the Eagle in the team!

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