The 2m storm

Austria is well accustomed to snow - it has the snowiest village in the world and it has the snowiest ski area in the Alps (along with the 2nd and 4th) but even the snowiest country in the Alps is making news during the current snow storm that has settled over the country and is in the process of depositing 200cm of snow in 5 days.

There are closed roads - an avalanche swept a taxi off the road outside of Ischgl today, power cuts due to tress collapsing under the weight of snow and falling across power lines, mainline railways are out of action due to snow levels and whole resorts in the Arlberg have been completely cut off due to the snow. Its not all bad though since those on skis or snowboards have been getting some epic conditions and early this morning there were blue skies on offer. So far we have at 120cm deposited, with 80cm still to come. So with a base in ski areas across of Austria of around 0cm in mid November the ski areas are now battling to clear lift paths and mountain hut doorways. If skiers and snowboarders ever needed a reminder, Austria is the snow capital of the Alps!

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