The circularity of water – the thrill of summer events in the mountains.

But for a few glacial outposts where ski lifts still operate, the alpine resorts at this time of the year are welcoming visitors for very different reasons. Unthinkable just a few years ago, some of these mountain destinations are now more popular in summer than winter. What could possible top skiing as the backdrop a meeting or incentive programme in the Alps?

Destinations across the Alps are driven by the water cycle, when the snow melts, these locations offer thrilling event activities on the pristine waters of the region. 

Home grown experiences

The beauty is in the simplicity – the temperatures climb, the snow melts and the rivers and lakes swell. Mountain resorts are shaped by the timeless flow of water, sculpting landscapes, and nourishing the nature. Today these aquatic arteries provide an incredible event activity playground, from white water rafting to sailing regattas. The activities are intimately connected to their host environments – what is offered is an authentic local experience. River surfing, canyoning and white-water rafting all immerse event attendees in the thrills of these raging torrents.

A slower pace

The rivers of the Alps slow and form lakes across the region. Here the pace of water is mirrored by the activities of the area. Team sailing regattas offer a near certainty of universal approval – team building, rivalries and skill acquisition all take place amongst wonderful and serene landscapes. Drinks on the marina waterfront and the customary dunking of colleagues adds to the allure of sailing events. And even before the rivers turn to lake, there are activities to be enjoyed on the lumbering waterways of the region. Log rafts are a fantastic way to experience the nature of the region, complete with a bar, music, and toilet, these handmade watercraft can take large groups on truly memorable day trips.

Water in a different vessel

The alpine region is famed for its superb spa complexes – they are some of the very best in Europe. Stunning vistas, wonderful architecture and immaculate finish, these spas offer one of the great event venues, offering complete inclusivity and an informal way to socialise & mix with colleagues. It is impossible not to be carried away by the setting and experience of floating in these thermal waters, gazing at distant glaciated horizons under big skies.

Taking it up a gear

Mountain biking is absolutely exploding in popularity across the Alps. Whilst conventional mountain biking presented a physical challenge and therefore issues of inclusivity, modern e-bikes are allowing many more to access these distant, high pastures. Akin to skiing in terms of immersion in the mountain environment, e-mountain biking is a truly rewarding event activity. It is also possible to combine many of these activities in one location - at the northern end of the Ötztal valley, just west of Innsbruck, wakeboarding, white water rafting, canyoning, as well as high ropes, e-mountain biking, and bungy are all possible. What to choose?

The Alps in the summer have an image of slower pace, hiking through fields of flowers, devouring cakes on terraces. Whilst true, it’s far from the complete picture - the Alps actually offer a far greater range of activities in the summer than the winter. They are also less familiar to regular ski groups and in spring and autumn, event planer budgets should go far further than the winter months. 

Person abseiling down a waterfall during a canyoning event.
Person launching out of water cannon at Area 47, Austria.
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