The Euro will have you dancing on tables

As the Euro moves ever closer to Italian Lira reputation, the news is nothing but good for those looking to travel to the non-Swiss Alps this winter.

Recent 7-year lows against the Pound have delivered some seriously attractive prices on everything from accommodation to dining out. We thought it useful to cut through any confusion and cost 1 indispensible resort item - 0.5 litre of the finest Austrian beer served in cool tall glass in the Austrian mountains.

Söll, a big-hitter of the après ski world was a good benchmark so we did a quick poll of après ski bars and found the Salvenstadl knocking out a half litre of beer for £2.50. Prices like this ensure there is little chance of swelling the queue for the first gondola and this isn't some backwater place, the Salvenstadl is one of the champions of après ski in the region.

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