The premier snowboard event hits Innsbruck

Air & Style has just wrapped up its Innsbruck leg of the world tour. Now an iconic fixture in the snowboard / freestyle calendar, Air & Style has maintained its youthful vibrancy and edgy brand.

Whilst the audience is generally youthful the event attracts business and agencies taking advantage of the VIP ticket option which offers access to the </span>VIP-Area in the stadium, entry to the VIP Aftershowparty, as well as a VIP Shuttle-Service. From the comfort of the VIP enclosure, guests can watch incredible athletic performances bordered by the many thousands of fans who line the amphitheatre of the historic Bergisel ski jump stadium. The atmosphere is electric with incredible freestyle shows and music booming out over the Innsbruck valley.

Air & Style event takes place over the weekend and there are numerous rounds to watch. The location of Innsbruck offers the visitor huge options both on and off the snow whilst getting there could not be beaten - 5 minutes from airport to medieval centre. For clients looking for a contemporary event as a backdrop to their trip, the Innsbruck Air & Style weekend is well worth considering.

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