The sounds we’ve missed

AirPods used to be the preserve of ‘personal time’. Audio books, Spotify or those moments when you Facetime friends from the Seoul Metro. But never in our wildest dreams would these design icons be relegated to Zoom duty. Spotify might have just saved us, but in the days before the viral carnage, we were lucky enough to include some epic music experiences in our event programmes. Damn, we’ve missed them! Here’s a look at a few that we can’t wait to revisit.

Electric mountain in the snow above Sölden is an awesome season of DJ sets which culminates in a weekend of back-to-back performances in the springtime snow. Accessible on foot or by ski, the event attracts thousands to the open-air stage. As the afternoon wears on, the sun drops behind the peaks, the light shows kick in and the crowds go bonkers – Dizzy style! The VIP areas offer great views over the arena and easy access to the bar. Electric mountain follows a day in the superb Sölden ski region and precedes a night in the pulsating resort below – that equates to some action-packed day. Rest up before you go, Sölden and the Electric mountain festival are no holiday!

In 2014 Robbie Williams landed in Ischgl, and Germany (where he enjoys God-like status) crossed the border on their version a musical Hajj. The crowds were immense around the Idalp and Robbie was in his pomp, with the crowd going absolutely wild to his back catalogue and latest album. The Ischgl après ski party never really needs additional impetus, but on this day, there were both skiers and adoring fans in the village and the mountains were shaking into the night. Slightly grittier than Robbie, The Prodigy were starting fires in Mayrhofen a few years back and some of our staff were there to turn back the clocks and mosh like mad things! Those were the days!

Culturally on a different level, Flamenco was a true eye-opener. Performed by imposters in cabaret settings, I had mixed feelings about seeing another Flamenco show. That was until an authentic production at one of Seville’s oldest venues. It was truly mind-blowing – an intimate stage show that was indescribably emotional, a dazzling spectacle to show the unique culture of southern Spain and north Africa. Tip – if you want to experience Flamenco, the Seville region is the place to get truly authentic shows – the Flamenco that the Spanish pay to see.

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