The switch is flicked on winter

60cm of snow fell on the Austrian glaciers yesterday, Kitzbühel is blanketed and Ischgl and Obergurgl are on track to open in the next few weeks. Méribel, Avoriaz and most other French resorts got a decent cover, as did Switzerland. Like that, winter clicks into top gear.

Significant snowfall blanketed the higher ski elevations across the Alps yesterday. Glacier skiing is back where it should be at this time of the year and the higher resorts such as Obergurgl are set to open as planned in the next few weeks, Obergurgl as early as the 16th November. 

Planning an early season corporate ski event

The traditional season for corporate ski trips runs from January to March. For many ski areas, these dates are the safe option, no waiting on the onset of winter or skiing the puddles of the final days of the ski season. Yet there are many high-altitude ski areas in the Alps where skiing runs for the majority of the year - from September through June. Booking a corporate ski event in autumn rarely enters the minds of event planners.

Nerves of a wedding planner

With ski areas opening from September onwards on many glaciers in the Alps, autumn skiing is a matter of routine for those in the region. For corporate ski event planners located outside of the glacier regions, it takes a bit of a leap of faith to consider the options of autumn skiing or even a pre-Christmas event on the snow. The published season dates of ski areas are a good indication of historic snow records, temperatures, and the capacity to prepare artificial snow. Season opening dates can be put back, they can also be moved forward, but over time they are a good indication of when the conditions will allow the ski area to operate. The dates may seem at odds with perceived wisdom, but the reality is that skiing in the Alps is pretty widespread from October onwards.

Autumn 2023 skiing

The forecast across the Alps is for clearer weather this week, followed by cold and wet conditions from the weekend onwards. As well as the snow falling from the sky, the snow cannons will be ramping up across the ski areas in the coming weeks. After a mild start to autumn, winter has arrived right on cue for the season openings.

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