Unrelenting cold followed by snow

For those residents of the Alps who yearn for the green pastures and raging rivers, the last 2 months must have brought them to near breaking point. Since early December the weather has been incessantly cold and very precipitous - the snow depth in the west of Austria almost defies belief.

So after the latest sustained cold snap the skies have clouded over and snow has been falling again. Later in the week the weather is set to become milder (relatively) with temperatures around -3c during the day in Kitzbuhel, similar temperatures are forecast in the Austrian Arlberg. So no signs yet of the T-shirts on terraces that are to be expected in the coming weeks, it is hard to imagine that happening given the past weeks of weather. For corporate skiers then it is powder heaven right now although the idea of a goggle tan is pretty remote right now.

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