Val d’Isère – pumping like mid-winter

Late April and Val d’Isère is in overdrive, with packed streets, blue skies and a mountain range deep in snow.

At this time of the year we pass through many ski areas and whilst some are closed, and others are winding down, there are a few places that are still deep into their winter mode. Val d’Isère is a case in point – late April and we found the place to be absolutely rammed, with people spilling out of Dick's Tea Bar, live bands on the terraces and long queues at the burger windows.

Not every winter is going to be like 2017/18 but when Val d’Isère serves up skiing like this it is hard to imagine why they would close at all. The snow pack was phenomenal, and the ski area felt like early February rather than a week before closing. The businesses in Val d’Isère must have done serious business this winter!

Normally it is far from a safe bet to be booking corporate ski trips so late in the season but in the right resort the slopes are deep in snow and dance floors packed. Prices are cheaper and accommodation options far better, and what a way to leap into spring than to get several days on the spring snow of Val d’Isère.

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