Video kills the travel site

Well almost, since many travel sites also feature embedded video. But the trend that has been underway since technology and network infrastructure meant quality video could be played through an internet connection is now resulting in video sites eclipsing travel and sports sites for web traffic.

An Experian Hitwise report suggest that there are more visits to video websites than travel and sports sites - no surprises that YouTube is leading the pack. Smartphone, 3G packages and App uptake have all contributed to the explosion of video on the web as a means for entertaining and informing. The major implication for destinations is that people are conducting their search for travel locations based on video, just as a few years ago users would search after images of destinations, now they are looking for video to inform their decisions. And the great opportunity for destination marketers is that their product naturally lends itself to video capture and promotion, especially Alpine destinations which feature dramatic scenery and action sports. The days of the holiday brochure and even more numbered as this channel develops - good news for the trees!

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