White Turf – A-list Alps |

There are many pretenders to the most exclusive events in the Alps – Kitzbühel, Courchevel and Zermatt all offer spectacular events throughout the year. But a racetrack built by ice, high in the Swiss resort of St Moritz and featuring VIP hospitality from the top drawer, is surely unmatched. It’s the White Turf.

Firstly, the setting – with vantage points all over the resort of St Moritz, the White Turf dominates the frozen Lake St Moritz. Whilst from the racetrack stands, the space and views over the local peaks and resort are magical. Rarely do ski resorts offer such open spaces in the valleys. Even walking to the arena across the vast expanse of ice is nothing short of breath-taking. 

The sport is just as remarkable – to see these racehorses thundering across this frozen landscape is an incredible sight and sound.  Snow clouds are kicked up and approaches as the horses near the spectators. How they manage to stand, let alone race at speed is a true sporting marvel.

The hospitality – it is as good as it gets. VIP marquees dot the lake and entertain the badge holders with delicious food and fantastic wines. There are stands offering vantage points over the races and blanketed sofas are irresistible spots from which to enjoy the afternoon sun. Waiting staff are on hand to ensure that, just like everything thing else in St Moritz, glasses are always half-full.

The White Turf is an annual event which welcomes horses, jockeys, trainers and visitors from all over the world. It represents everything great about St Moritz and for those lucky enough to be there, life in general.

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