Wi-Fi in the mountains

You can't see it but you may certainly be able to sense it - Wi-Fi is making its way up the mountains with the Schmitten in Zell am See becoming one of the latest to offer free Wi-Fi stations on the slopes of this famous ski area above the historic, lakeside resort.

For corporate skiers then being within reach of the office is a bit of a double edged sword - it doesn't really fit with the escapism of immersing oneself in the Alps; equally there isn't much worse than regretting a weekend away, first thing on Monday morning. And it is a feature of modern day corporate lives that to be contactable is pretty much expected for most managerial staff. And whilst the purist or escapist in us all will rue the encroachment of Wi-Fi signals into these pristine environs, the fact remains that mobile telephony is already saturating the peaks with signals and it takes an adventurous ski touring to head some way into the backcountry to really lose connectivity. So whilst Wi-Fi can be seen as either an encroachment or a convenience - it is fair to say that we won't be that impacted by it. The truth is that Wi-Fi is actually a bit late to the party - when it comes to sending dream powder shots to office based friends and colleagues or collecting panic calls from colleagues, long ago our mobile operators saw to it that this was possible on top of towering peaks. The one component of the free Wi-Fi offering is the free bit, data roaming can still be eye-watering and if a short video of a sleeping or falling colleague needs to make its way back to the office then hooking up to the free Wi-Fi signal might just be the best way to do this.

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