Progressive, politically & technologically – sustainability is nothing new to this partially submerged rainbow nation. Sustainable events in the Netherlands are vibrant, culturally rich & seriously invigorating.


With a smattering of wonderful cities and an expanse of dramatic coastline, the Netherlands is magically diverse. The compact nation is easy to navigate, with the towns & cities tied together by rail, trail and canal. There are historic towns and cities as well as wonderful, experimental urban landscapes. Progressive is a word that is synonymous with the Netherlands, progressive but also resilient - the nation is at the mercy of sea levels and has been for many centuries. Sustainability resonates more with the Dutch than most other nations.

A cradle of inclusivity, the Netherlands is as cutting-edge politically as it is technologically. This is a country where freedom abounds, expressed in wonderful art & culture. The Dutch brew a fine beer, fry a famous chip, and thoroughly enjoy their lifestyles. This fantastic event destination can be reached by train, traversed by bike, and enjoyed in the knowledge that inclusivity is written into the Dutch DNA. Fun loving, free and sustainably conscientious – the Dutch host spectacular events.



The Netherlands offers one of the most sustainable event arrivals anywhere. Connected by train to London, Paris, Brussels to the west and the major German cities to the east, the Netherlands scores very highly in terms of transport sustainability. Within and between the towns and cities, trams, trains, and bikes glue this compact nation together. The rapid pivot to renewable power in the Netherlands ensures that electrons power an increasing range of Dutch transport including road and rail travel. Politically the nation is at the absolute forefront of progressive and inclusive policies – diverse delegate communities are widely welcomed & celebrated in the Netherlands. The ‘Green Key’ scheme is widely used as accreditation for sustainable enterprises including accommodation, restaurants, attractions and conference venues. ‘Green Key’ operates across much of northern, continental Europe and southern Scandinavia offering cross-border comparisons and shared standards.


The Netherlands is a fun-loving nation - don’t be fooled by their technical and business accomplishments. The Dutch brew fine beers and their cuisine is a wonderful fusion of European and east Asian influences. Life on the North Sea coast is dominated by water and beach, with action and venues all looking over the white caps of the sea. The cities are diverse, with tombs of art history and cutting-edge urban systems co-existing in striking architectural landscapes. Electrified scooters & bikes traverse the towns & cities, surfers ride the rollers of the North Sea and climbers and abseilers head in opposite, sustainable directions.


The Netherlands and much of the neighbouring regions operate under the ‘Green Key’ sustainability accreditation scheme. The Green Key scheme applies to enterprises in the tourism sector including hotels / accommodation, restaurants, attractions, as well as conference venues.

In practice, Green Manager roles and Green Committees are established within organisations to manage the transition to sustainability. Standards are continually revised and enhanced to ensure an ongoing trend toward genuine sustainable practices.


The towns and cities can all be reached on the extensive Dutch rail network, in many cases quicker and easier than by road. Other green ways to get around include cycling and even ice skating during the winter months.

Amstredam, Utrecht, The Hague and Rotterdam are all sensational meeting and incentive event destinations, and all have burgeoning sustainability credentials.


Sustainable meetings & incentive events in Rotterdam.

Sustainable events in Rotterdam.



Sustainable meetings & incentive events in The Hague.

Sustainable events in The Hague.


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