As well as traditional meeting and incentive events, we offer a range of virtual event products to cater for the upheavals of 2020. Our virtual events are hosted online allowing teams to re-connect through fun & interactive experiences. 

With 4 distinct rounds of fun and interactivity, our virtual events are designed to offer teams an escape to distant lands. The modular formats allow us to tailor the event to the specific needs of the group. Fun, learning, team competition and escapism are the themes of the 4 rounds.

Because we don't know when the disruption of 2020 will abate, we have developed both winter and year-round (non-winter) virtual event themes.

Our winter events feature specific seasonal themes and offer a great deal of fun. We have developed a unique online application that allows the user to virtually ski through stunning mountain scenery. For the summer we have developed a street view challenge, with users required to find hidden items within the street view maps of wonderful locations around Europe. 



With many Christmas parties and ski incentive trips canceled in 2020/21, we have developed a winter virtual event theme to soften the blow for clients. Learn to yodel, escape to the Alps and even race colleagues through ski areas in a unique, interactive ski experience. The virtual event lasts between 60 and 90 minutes and is a whole lot of fun.

Developed by Jagged Horizons staff, Piste View is a unique interactive ski experience allowing the user to navigate ski areas in 1080 and 360 views. Interactive icons allow the user to choose their route and in our virtual event versions, there are codes hidden in the ski areas that users have to collect to solve a puzzle. Try it for yourself below:



Summer is synonymous with water and there are many venues which perch on the water's edge, offering cool breezes, oceanic aromas and spellbinding backdrops. Not many people are lucky enough to live or work on the water's edge so taking clients there is a rewarding experience of detachment from their everyday.

Roof top venues provide another magical experience in the summer. Open-air, roof-top terraces offer views across water, mountains, or city sky-lines. The fresh breezes and connection with orange skies at sunset are truly special. Sometimes these roof-top terraces are accompanied by pools for an even more impactful setting.

The Street View challenge

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