There is no experience to compare with being airlifted to a distant peak and setting off on a private powder face. As rewards go, the impact is huge & lasting, and no participant can fail to be blown-away by the experience of heli-skiing.

Even before the waist deep powder, the thrill of being whisked (under an envious public gaze) from the slopes by helicopter and buzzing the local peaks is something to treasure. Watching a distant rocky peak come into range and touching down is guaranteed to get the senses racing.


Without ski patrols, and on challenging off-piste terrain, heli-skiing is reserved for the best skiers and snowboarders. Guides are mandatory and will ski with the group (usually 3 excluding the guide) to assess their abilities in off-piste terrain. Avalanche safety equipment is required (and usually included as part of a heli-ski package), and knowledge of emergency rescue techniques are necessary.

Skiers and snowboarders should be accurately assessed before they actually board the flight. Given the requisite ability and fitness for off-piste skiing, a second requirement would be an ability to function in challenging and remote terrain. Part of the allure of heli-skiing are the locations, but the scale of the terrain and the daunting landing zones only become truly apparent when it is too late.


The only location in Austria where heli-skiing is permitted, clients are met in the heart of the Lech am Arlberg ski area or on the edge of Zürs am Arlberg, with flights taking passengers into the superb, Arlberg back-country.


Val d’Isère offers a number of heli-ski options above both Val d’Isère and Tignes. Multi-drop itineraries, as well as pick-ups and ski touring sections can be incorporated into the heli-ski programmes.


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