Take a high-performance car, put it on an ice rink and try and navigate a course of obstacles. Under professional supervision, clients learn how to handle these immense machines on the most unforgiving surfaces. Alternatively try your hand at 4x4, off-roading on snowy maintain trails.

With no professional at your side (or in your ear), group ice carting races operate like traditional carting but take place on an icy track. Clients go bumper to bumper with each other as they try and hold grip on the treacherously slippery tracks.


Ice driving is about experiencing high performance cars on this most challenging surface and learning techniques to guide the car around obstacles. Courses run with multiple cars to allow teams to take part, but the activity is an individual one, with the driver and professional co-driver.

With rather less concern for the paint work, ice carting allows flat-out racing between groups on icy circuits. Clients should be fully aware of the rules of engagement before they set out. Serious fun and exhilaration.


Both ice driving and ice carting are offered in Val Thorens in Les 3 Vallées. Located on separate tracks, both ice driving and ice carting take place in the same location just a few hundred metres south of Val Thorens.


Saalbach-Hinterglemm is another destination offering both pursuits. Ice carting is located toward the southern end of the valley on a dedicated track whilst the ice driving is located on the edge of Saalbach.

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