Wine tours tick boxes like few other event activities. Wonderful settings, insightful guides, great food, and wine from another level. Every meeting or incentive event should include a wine tour.


What isn’t there to adore about a wine tour? The chance to taste some of the best bottles of one of the world’s most cherished beverages. And it is not just the tasting, it is the appreciation of the wine’s roots, which vines came to create it and how it was nurtured from vine to bottle. 

It is fascinating stuff and offers a real insight into what makes wines so unique and connected to their location. Very often a wine tour can be combined with fine dining to delight clients even further.

Vineyards are rarely shabby, rustic places – the wealth that good vineyards have generated over the decades has in most cases, been invested in elaborate châteaux. The settings can be stuff of film-sets, undulating rows of vines punctuated by stately property.

As well as including dining, many vineyards offer meeting venues, so teams can meet in an inspiring setting, explore the vineyard & wines and round it off with lunch or dinner.


Wine tours are geographically limited to certain regions, although most parts of Italy, France or Spain will be within easy reach of a vineyard. Within these regions, there are numerous options to integrate a wine tour into a meeting or incentive event, as well as combing the wine tour with lunch, or dinner and / or a meeting at the vineyard.

Wine tours are primarily a cultural experience, the tasting is entirely optional. In that sense, wine tours are an inclusive activity that offer an insight into a culturally and economically significant aspect of an event location. For those enjoying the wines, check-in luggage might be required as the vineyards are happy to sell their wares.


Bordeaux is to wine, what Google is to search. To the east of this urban utopia is a rural utopia, one offering fine wines amongst the barrels and marvellous food in fairy tale châteaux.


From the wine capital of the world to a national superpower of the red & white varieties - Italy. North to south, east to west, la dolce vita is glued together with fine wine.


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