Unshackled by unfamiliarity - a room with a Mediterranean view, a backdrop from a Hollywood blockbuster, a breakout on top of a city skyline or a venue clinging to an alpine peak. Ignite minds with an exceptional meeting or seminar event programme.

Bashing heads against familiar walls, is a painful process. When creative solutions are proving elusive, a change of scenery is often the best way to get the most from a team. New locations liberate minds, especially when they are as invigorating as the Mediterranean coast or the emerald waters of an Alpine lake.

Across the Alps, the Mediterranean coast and numerous European cities, there are extraordinary meeting & seminar venues both traditional and contemporary. Break-out sessions next to water and beneath piercing blue skies are moments to cherish. Up sticks and hold important meeting sessions in a location that will deliver results.


As well as superb meeting spaces in stunning and stimulating locations, it would be inexcusable to forego some of the corporate activities on offer in these locations. Just as the locations are sure to invigorate the mind, so the activities on offer are certain to stimulate and excite participants and make for a fantastic mix of work and play.

Alongside achieving meeting objectives and a little corporate team building activity, are the pleasures of wining & dining. Superb regional cuisine is on offer across Spain and Italy, whilst the Alps offers excellent dining occasions, served-up, beneath the drama of an alpine horizon.


Across the city, there are a range of superb meeting locations, both intimate and extensive, in the case of the Málaga congress centre. All this on the shores of the Mediterranean.


With a mixture of luxury resort retreats and the city amenities of Cagliari to choose from, Sardinia has great meeting & seminar opportunities.



Zurich, Munich, and Vienna are regional cities of global importance. Together they form a triangle around the Alps and offer the chance to host large conferences whilst still accessing the wonders of the mountains.


All 3 cities offer superb infrastructure, whilst in their vicinity are cities such as Innsbruck and Salzburg and resorts such as Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Tegernsee.



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