A place to leave even Norwegians speechless – a chain of fairy tale islands in the arctic offering hiking, water sports and venues to disconnect in.


In a country of breath-taking landscapes, Lofoten stands out from the very large crowd. Above the arctic circle, the chain of islands are like something from a fairy tale. Indescribably dramatic, this is a place to truly escape our everyday worlds. The islands can be incorporated into an event in Bodø or else as a standalone programme for clients who are looking for a true reformat of the mind.

The Lofoten east coast faces the mainland and is punctured by endless fjords, whilst the west coast faces the wrath of the northern Atlantic Ocean, with white sand beaches that can barely be rivalled anywhere. Action on the water includes surfing and RIB excursions and, in the mountains, there are hikes offering stupendous vistas. Events on the Lofoten islands have the power to truly move event participants.


Facts & figures

  • Population | 4,700 (Svolvær)
  • June ave. temp. 12°C
  • September ave. temp. 11°C

Airport transfers

  • Bodø airport | approx. 3.5 hrs by road & ferry


  • Nature tours
  • Beach tours
  • Local art


  • RIB tours
  • Surfing
  • Hiking


Lofoten is a chain of islands off the west coast of Norway, above the arctic circle. From top to bottom, the islands are around 170 km. Linked by a series of bridges the one main road from south to north connect the numerous settlements that occupy the islands. The settlements are without exception, small, charming and intriguing. Svolvær is the capital of the islands with a population of around 4700.

In the south the settlements of Reine and Moskenes welcome the ferry arrival from Bodø on the mainland, with Reine offering a wonderful hike on a Sherpa-built stairway to a peak overlooking the fjord. North of Reine the main road switches to take in more the west coast and its staggering beaches. Unspoilt and magically natural, the Lofoten archipelago offer a unique, natural escape.


RIB tour

Discover the islands from the arctic waters.

pots on a shelf

Lofoten art tour

Explore the thriving Lofoten arts scene.

Surfers learning to surf a wave


Surf the waves in the arctic circle.



Lofoten is certified under the Norwegian ‘Sustainable Destination Scheme’, a national programme to drive sustainable tourism throughout the country. The process of accreditation takes multiple years and represents standards of social, economic & environmental outcomes, and approved destinations have shown a commitment to support local communities, whilst minimising the impact of tourism development.

Event planners looking at their commitments to corporate sustainability can be confident that an event in the Lofoten islands minimise the impact on the destination whilst reinforcing the local culture and economy – this is certified at a national level in Norway – it is no self-certified marketing exercise.


The main dining hubs are located in the larger settlements in Lofoten, and group dining would be restricted outside the main towns, the biggest of which is Svolvær. Here, as well as hotel dining, there are a number of restaurants serving regional cuisine. Dining amongst the nature or on the water are options for a themed event and wild food tours can be arranged to really immerse the group into the nature of Lofoten.

The Lofoten islands sit is pristine waters and are hugely productive fisheries – as such the local menus are heavy influenced by seafood. As well as rich oceans, despite their latitude, the Lofoten islands climate is moderated by the gulf stream and the region grows local produce which Lofoten utilises as part of its sustainability programme.


There are no bright lights in Lofoten – the place is an absolute oasis of nature and culture, with a series of small towns and villages which cling to the chain of islands. There are a smattering of bars and restaurants across the islands, with the majority to be found in the town of Svolvær.

Bodø lies across the water from the Lofoten islands and offers good nightlife with bars, live music in the concert hall and outdoor festivals. Regular ferry services operate between Moskenes in the south of the Lofoten archipelago and the harbour in Bodø.


Unimaginably beautiful, the Lofoten islands offer a true escape into another world. Many of the villages in the Lofoten islands are tiny but the capital Svolvær, has a range of hotels and meeting spaces for an event. The beauty of the Lofoten islands is their intimacy and meeting venues reflect this small-scale, unspoilt approach.

The rugged nature ensures that meeting breakouts are truly unique, as are the activities outside of scheduled meeting that can include action on the water or the mountains. Across the water in Bodø, there are a wide range of meeting spaces for events, both in hotels and as part of public & private venues, including museums.

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