Coasteering in wild Mediterranean waves – serious wow factor

Clients were hanging onto boulder faces as we ascended coastal rocks and reached the next ledge to leap from. There were a few stallers but 100% jump rate as the waters surged beneath.

We hosted a corporate event for 400 clients this week in Mallorca, Spain and we took around 80 of them coasteering on the stunning, rocky coastline. Signing up from their desks, not all of the clients knew what to expect from coasteering. Surging swells brought big waves and meant an adapted route was required. Coasteering combines open water swimming, rock climbing and high diving (although jumping was the required means of entry, mandated by our guides). Our clients got a short safety briefing and then were edging forward to the first ledge.

One of the great, high-adrenalin, summer event activities, our groups started with a 5m jump, followed by further climbs and jumps, an open water swim and then a cave exit. Due to the size of the waves, some of the traverse was cancelled and instead we spent extra time on the zip water that the guides had installed.

The zip wire was awesome, with some clients timing their descent to coincide with the bigger waves and being wiped off the pulley. Feedback was excellent – coasteering really did offer a totally new experience to the group.

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