North to south, Italian corporate events are the envy of the world

There are few countries in the world to offer such a diversity of event destinations under one roof. From the glaciers of the north to the emerald waters of the south, Italy offers contrasts like few other nations. Wine and fine dining are universal despite the changing landscapes, as are the bucket loads of history.

Italy is a hugely diverse country, a thin strip of land that stretches from the Alps to the waters just off Africa. The terrain shifts markedly yet the fundamentals of Italy remain the same – the weather, history, style, and food – all are world-beating, across all regions of Italy.

Corporate events on the lakes

The north of Italy has one of the most famous mountain ranges in the Dolomites, whilst Milan is a global centre for fashion and design. Yet it is the 3 lakes of Como, Garda and Maggiore that offer the most magical event destinations in the region. a wonderful mix of natural scenery, history, activities, and entertainment. The laidback south couldn’t be more different to the opulent waters of the Italian lakes, with yachts cruising the waters and villas lining the shoreline. The lakes are corporate event destinations with genuine swagger - jaw-dropping venues and magical regional cuisine enjoyed in stunning settings. There are lakes all over the world, but none can match the allure of the Italian lakes.

Venice – a living museum

It is hard to imagine a denser concentration of history and culture than Venice. Every square metre of these islands on stilts offers a window onto historic Europe. Corporate events are all about taking clients out of their everyday worlds and in Venice there is almost no overlap with modern day settings. Venice is totally car free, it is universally historic with barely any sign of modern day structures, and it is a sea-level (sometimes below sea level) city. Where else can any of these aspects of daily Venetian life be found in the rest of the world, let alone all 3? Fantastic food, consumed in other-worldly venues, airport transfers by water taxi, world-leading glass foundries operating to this day and beaches on the Adriatic coast offering an additional dose of dolce vita. Venice as a corporate event destination is unique, more than that, there is nowhere that is remotely similar in any way.

Puglia – the endless summer

The streets of Venice, Florence, Rome are thronged with visitors in high season – the genie has long left the bottle for these places. Keep heading south to the region beyond Bari though, and a whole new and undiscovered Italian experience develops, The Puglia region is where the Italians holiday, where the finest seafood is served, and the sun is a year-round fixture in the sky. This region is the wild heel of Italy, where Lecce is known as the Florence of the south, where the beaches of Gallipoli welcome swimmers year-round and, where in Monopoli, one of the finest Old Towns in Italy gives way to the emerald waters of the Adriatic.

From Risotto in Como to seafood in Lecce, from the fine wines of Tuscany to the limoncello of Naples, sunset cruises on Garda to snorkelling in Puglia – Italy is wonderfully diverse. No matter the location, corporate events in Italy offer so much in terms of scenery, dining, venues, and activities. A corporate meeting or incentive event in Italy will inevitably become part of company folklore.

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