The beauty of Europe as a MICE destination

The contrasting landscapes, weather and activities couldn’t have been different - this week our team was split between the Austrian glaciers and Mallorca, Spain and it wasn’t just the 23-degree separating them that was notable.

There can't be many more diverse landscapes, cultures and climates in such a small geographic area as western Europe. Borders are gastronomic, linguistic and geologic as well as political. That is the marvellous aspect of Europe for a group MICE event, not only is it diverse and unique, but many locations offer a wide range of experiences to meet the varied desires of the group. Outback Australia it isn’t, and change is usually just around the corner.

Northern Italy offers the truly remarkable Dolomites, which give way to the historic waterways and squares of Venice. Málaga has a shimmering Mediterranean coast which is fringed on the northern side of the city by mountains. Whilst the rugged interiors of Mallorca and Tenerife are a world away from their sandy beaches and emerald coves of the coast.

Differences are also proximate where the landscape is extreme as is the case in Zell am See - Kaprun where the world ski and golf championships were held this month, with morning skiing on the Kitzsteinhorn Glacier, followed by golf in the valley around Kaprun, just a few kilometres away. 2km of vertical difference allows the co-existence of 2 very dissimilar environments and lifestyles.

Cultural identity is also geographically rooted, with authentic Flamenco only found in the region around Sevilla in Spain. The Catalan region of north east Spain offers unique culture with Castells (human towers) mesmerising onlookers as they soar skyward in elaborate ceremonies.

Gastronomic specialities that are specific to a town or region make for a delightful culinary journey. Ask a native of Naples where pizza, (the world’s most pervasive dish) can justifiably be called a pizza and they will point to the ground they are standing on. Käsespätzle can be found all over the Alps, but the true dish can only be made with cheese from the tiny Bregenzerwald valley in the far north west of Austria.

Not only does Europe offer a great diversity of sights, sounds and tastes, crucially, these are often found in close proximity. So, if your group event is of any size, then the chances are that there are numerous unique, complimentary and substitutable experiences across a range of stunning, diverse locations in Europe.

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