The Hague – pomp, gardens and sea |

The Hague retains a certain mystery as an event destination. Beyond the (outdated) impression as a city of political cocktail parties, The Hague offers superb contrasts with history, modernity and sand all within a short distance.

Historic and globally important, The Hague certainly is. The city is the headquarters of endless multinationals, international government agencies and NGO’s. The city is rich in art & culture and offers high-end dining and entertainment. Yet there is so much more to The Hague than the pomp of the institution-rich centre.

This is readily evidenced in the outdoor entertainment at Grote Markt in the main shopping street of The Hague, on the sands of Scheveningen beach or harbour-side Vissershaven. Far removed from any notion of diplomatic cocktail parties, these locations are popular with residents of, and visitors to The Hague. The communal nature of the Grote Markt and the aquatic backdrops of Scheveningen and Vissershaven provide some wonderful venues for group events.

Just a few blocks from the cultural and political hub of The Hague (the Binnenhof), the Grote Markt offers a wonderful, open-air square for drinking and dining. To the north of the centre, Scheveningen beach has numerous beachfront bars and restaurants overlooking the water, the pier and the big wheel. Whilst the working harbour of Vissershaven has some excellent quayside dining options. The coastal locations offer the chance to combine beach and ocean activities with waterside dining. Summer incentive event participants will be in for a surprise, with not a diplomat is sight and cheers consisting of clinking beer glasses rather than the raising of cocktails.

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