Venice in November - cloudless & crowd-less (almost)

It is stretching things to say that Venice is ever crowd-less, but early November is a time where the streets, canals and bridges of Venice can be traversed without too many delays and where t-shirts are still the go-to wardrobe, such is the exceptionalism of Italian weather.

As the leaves fall and the snow line drops in the regions north of the Alps, a bubble of late summer persists in parts of Italy, a region that seems to write its own seasons. Days on the streets, canals and beaches of Venice are magical, with space to explore the sites that are otherwise overwhelmed in the peak months.

Bustling but not over-run

Venice is the posterchild for those railing against over-tourism – the peak summer months can see the city completely over-run with tourists and whilst the cruise ships have been banished to distant quays, their inhabitants still find their way to the Instagram hotspots. But outside these peaks months it is possible to find Venice in a bustling mood, yet free from the bridge crushes that are common in the peak months.

Locals bubble to the surface

As well as a more relaxed experience on the streets of Venice, the sparser crowds dilute the locals less, allowing them to bubble to the surface and restore a semblance of Venetian life. Even the FC Venezia fans travel by water taxi, sharing their stadium songs and flag waving as their boat lumbers from San Marco out to the Pier Luigi Penzo Stadium. Carnival is another time where locals will be visible on the streets and waters of Venice.

Meeting & incentive events in Venice

Outside of the peak months in Venice, the crowds thin, and hotel rooms & venues become available, all the while housed under the famed azure skies of the northern Adriatic. Venice is a mind-boggling corporate event destination, yet it is a logistical and experiential challenge to host events during the peak months. The joy of Venice though is that it is a year-round resort, with t-shirt weather in November – try that outfit in London!

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