Walk on water, on a summer incentive event

For those old enough to recall the life-changing impact that surfing had on Johnny Utah in Point Break, the idea of surf classes during a summer incentive event will be pretty appealing.

For the last half century or more, surfing has topped the league of sporting cool. Whilst new sports fad in and drift away, surfing has retained an almost god-like image for sporting cool and lifestyle aspiration. Surfing requires a lifetime of dedication to master, yet the initial progression curve is steep and after a few hours, participants can be riding the shore break and getting the thrills of walking on water.

Even without hoisting trophies and oversized cheques in front of adoring crowds, surfing ticks so many boxes as a participation sport. It is graced with mesmerising views of the coast and offers huge doses of escapism. Surfing is a physical and technical sport which delivers enormous rewards as participants progress to stand-up surfing. In addition to the settings and sense of achievement, surfing is the definition of sporting cool and team members can become icons through their company social media pages.

Summer incentive event surfing locations tend to be situated on the Atlantic coast in Europe, although any large body of water can generate waves through the application of wind energy. But there are more and more artificial waves opening across inland locations, offering manmade waves to experience the thrill of surfing on. Wherever you catch the wave, expect to be hooked like Johnny Utah.

Surfer riding a wave
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