The birthplace of Mozart & home of Red Bull - Salzburg is a gem in the Alps.


A city of contrasts, Salzburg combines its ancient past with contemporary architecture. Its Mozart museums contrast with the Red Bull exhibition and dining experience to the south of the city, whilst its genteel pedestrian zones are a far cry from the adventure sports on the water and mountains at the fringes of the city.

With a river sweeping through the heart of the city, Salzburg has riverside walkways beneath its historic, hill-top fortifications. The Old Town of Salzburg is gushing with history and cultural pomp and the city extends outward through affluent suburbs towards the mountainous Alps - Salzburg scenery is jaw-dropping.


Facts & figures

  • Population: 146 000
  • June ave. high 21°C
  • September ave. high 20°C

Airport transfers

  • Salzburg | 6 miles
  • Munich | 115 miles
  • Innsbruck | 119 miles


    • Music
    • Art
    • Fine dining


  • Canyoning
  • Rafting
  • Zip wire
  • Bike tours
  • Sailing
  • Skiing
  • Mountain biking


With an international airport just 6 miles from the Old Town, Salzburg is very straightforward to access. The city is magical with wonderful historic architecture set amongst the river valley and rolling rolls of Salzburg, and with the towering Alps dominating the horizon. Salzburg is an upmarket city with quality throughout, but it is also a vibrant and affordable place with great value on offer. Despite its historic status, Salzburg fuses the old and new wonderfully well with some superb contemporary architecture. Activities within the city include arts and culture whilst on the city fringes there are adrenalin sports in the mountains and numerous water-based activities on the nearby lakes.

Home to both Mozart and Red Bull, Salzburg is a city of contrasts. The Old Town area of Salzburg is steeped in history and grand architecture. The shops, dining and entertainment are classical and charming. Salzburg is home to a large university as well as many leading brands and there are contemporary venues and restaurants that offer stylish, modern experiences. And whilst traditional dining is offered throughout the city, there is a range of interesting, international drinking and dining options.


Hangar 7

The Red Bull playground - an exhibition space like few others with superb design, incredible exhibits and fine dining.

Lakes tour

Take a boat tour on some of the most exquisite lakes in the Alps in the region just outside Salzburg.


Spend an adrenalin-filled day rafting the rivers to the south of Salzburg in this fantastic team activity.


Austrian food is heavily influenced by its proximity to the southern German province of Bavaria – meats, krauts and soups hold sway. And for group and gala dinners the Stiegel Brewery offers fantastic dining experiences for large groups with a traditional fayre of kraut, potatoes and meat dishes, seasonal beers and live music / dancing. The beer halls create a wonderful and truly authentic Austrian atmosphere. The Augustiner Braustuebl is an alternative beer hall experience with hearty food and domed room atmosphere. Both beer halls are great venues for group and team events.

Austrian gastronomy is so much more than sauerkraut, dumplings and pork and for corporate meeting and incentive event groups there are some excellent modern culinary experiences to enjoy. Ikarus at the Red Bull exhibition Hangar 7 hosts group and corporate events under its canopy where they are served contemporary and fusion cuisine, crafted by a rotating team of award-winning chefs. More traditional, high-end restaurants in Salzburg include the Restaurant Esszimmer and the Restaurant Brunnauer.


Salzburg is awash with bars and cafés, as well as a number of beer halls. With a proud brewing history, Salzburg is home to a number of beer brands and numerous venues vending them. The Augustiner Braustuebl, and in particular the Stiegel Brewery offer great beer hall experiences with seasonal beers served in traditional surroundings. These venues are cavernous and are ideal for group events. Music and live performances can be arranged for specific events.

The biggest city on the region, Salzburg offers a huge range of nightlife from contemporary riverside bars to historic cafés and bars. For an ultra-modern venue then the Red Bull Hangar 7 offers stunning architecture and dramatic internal terraces overlooking some of the world’s most famous vehicles, planes and space pods. Located a few miles outside of Salzburg, Hangar 7 is probably the pre-eminent meeting venue in the region with superb service and dining.


With an international airport just 6 miles from the city centre, quality throughout, and a great range of activities and entertainment, Salzburg is a superb venue for meetings & seminars, as well as corporate summer incentive events. Venues are abundant, both historic and contemporary with the layout of Salzburg offering some superb locations on hill-tops, riverside or in the historic Salzburg Old Town. There are roof-top venues in the heart of the city and there are a number of hotels offering dedicated meeting spaces. Salzburg Congress Centre is a professional conference and exhibition centre in the heart of the city, offering modular spaces with the full range of meeting support services.

The region surrounding Salzburg is truly magical with rolling hills, mountains, raging rivers and emerald lakes. There are numerous grand hotels in the region which offer conference suites ranging from simple meeting rooms to complete meeting packages. For an ultra-modern experience, the Red Bull Hangar 7 is a superb venue to meeting formally and informally, with inspiring exhibits and superb cuisine on-site. After the meetings Salzburg offers a fantastic range of activities to complement a summer corporate meeting / seminar event, with leisurely tours on bike or water or action sports such a rafting, canyoning or paragliding.


Red Bull are from the Salzburg region and as well as their stunning waterside HQ near Fuschlsee, they have invested heavily in creating a remarkable exhibition hall in a hangar complex on the edge of Salzburg airport.

F1 cars, vintage aircraft and even the stratosphere-defying capsule that launched Felix Baumgartner on the highest freefall of all time, are exhibited under the intricate glass-domed roof. Walkways connect meeting areas, bars and fine dining in this stunning venue – Hangar 7.

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