Spellbinding on the eye & mesmerising beneath the surface – turn a corner in Venice and come to another breathtaking standstill.


Superlatives accompany most of what we see and read daily, with each experiential high point needing to eclipse another. Venice is a well-trodden city, but no matter how familiar, it remains utterly mind-reformatting. City streets at sea level, history from an almost decoupled age, illogical beauty around every corner – the simple fact is that Venice is utterly unique and always will be – no masterplan, rudderless and ill-conceived for the 21st century. Pure magic. Pity those trying to recreate this impossibly unworkable urban centre, it will never be done. The impassable streets & bridges, the immeasurable urban management challenges, or the threats of climate change – Venice shouldn’t function. But function it does and remains a unique celebration of human ingenuity and cohesion – really pity those trying to emulate it!

Venice is truly inspiring - salt water lapping feet, decaying buildings defying physics and endless landmarks to pivotal moments in human development. It is impossible not to be overwhelmed with positivity when we consider what this tiny landmass has contributed to world development. Summer is famously crowded, but out of peak times the crowds thin, and an event in Venice is taken amongst a backdrop of truly meaningful moments for civilisation. These landmarks are both consequential and ubiquitous. For events requiring inspirational settings, Venice is out on its own. The infrastructure and transport connections are well-established, there are wonderful meeting venues, fantastic social & dining spaces and of course, inspiring moments around every corner. Venice is no ordinary event destination.


Facts & figures

  • Population: 55 000 (Venice City)
  • June ave. temp. 20°C
  • September ave. temp. 20°C

Airport transfers

  • Venice | 9 miles (by boat)
  • Verona | 75 miles


  • Museums
  • Ateliers
  • Art galleries
  • Gastronomy
  • Opera
  • Theatre
  • Venice Film Festival


  • Sailing
  • Scenic flights
  • Hiking tours
  • Rowing
  • Water sports (east coast Lido)


Made up of 118 islands in the northern Adriatic Sea, Venice. The principal sites in Venice are located on the island city of Venice (Centro Storico) and for that reason this island is an absolute honeypot for visitors. Out of peak season and with cruise ships now banished to more distant ports, the crowds are entirely manageable. This popularity points to the beauty of Venice as a meeting or incentive destination - specifically, that there are few, if any, locations in the world with comparable concentrations of culture and history as Venice. Those enjoying a 2 or 3-day event programme will spend their time feasting on the culture & atmosphere and visiting sites by foot or water. Even the airport transfer is unique & magical – step out of the terminal and onto a water taxi, skimming across the lagoon as the Venice skyline looms larger & larger until docking at a central hotel.

For those looking to experience more than the central sites of Venice city, Murano is reached by water and hosts the famous glass industry that goes by the same name. Tours can be arranged and there are several wonderful sites to explore and venues to host events within Murano. Lido is an island to the south which acts as a barrier between the Adriatic and the Venetian Lagoon. Host to the Venice Film Festival and fringed by beaches to the south, Lido is an accessible and interesting escape from the main city. Lido is home to many Venetians, giving it a different feel to the well-trodden streets of Venice city. In all the 118 islands provide great contrasts but for the fact that they reside in the lagoon at sea level.


Dragon Boats

Teams paddle against each other through the canals of Venice.

Venice scenic flight

Marvel over Venice and its lagoon from the air, to truly appreciate this wonder of the world.

Food & wine tour

Enjoy some of the finer moments in life with a food & wine tour through Venice.


Italian cuisine is revered the world over and Venice is a gastronomic delight, right across the islands. The Venice waterfront is one of the main dining attractions, with superb food complemented with fairy tale views out over the shimmering lagoon. Is it also possible to combine a boat trip to an alternative island with the dining experience, many of the waterfront restaurants being located close to the wharf.

Away from the main tourist centres of Venice, there is an absolute bounty of incredible dining experiences. The side streets of Venice are where the locals eat, and traditional Venetian lunches and dinners are a real experience. Special dining events can be arranged throughout the islands with catering brought into many unique venues.


Restaurants are the cornerstone of evening entertainment in Venice. The vibrant nightlife of Venice often begins on a restaurant terrace, enjoying fine cuisine and wonderful regional wines. From the waterfront to the side streets of Venice, there are endless options for dining on terraces. Venice streets are as vibrant during the evening as the day, offering a wonderful atmosphere for group events.

Protected from development, Venice is forced to adapt its entertainment to the existing built environment. For bars that means either outdoor terraces, or wonderful, intimate bars amongst the labyrinth of streets. Sunset cruises are another way to enjoy a drink amongst the splendour of the Venetian backdrop.


For meetings requiring a backdrop of unfamiliar, then Venice offers that real shock to the system. A city at sea level, civilisation-defining landmarks everywhere and jaw-dropping architecture – Venice is as inspiring as cities get. Venue locations and interiors are unique, so much so that meeting attendees can't be but inspired by their surroundings. And whilst the built environment of Venice is highly protected, some interiors have been given a contemporary, super-stylish feel, showcasing the unique Italian flair.

Meeting breakouts in Venice are like few others – stepping out of historic venues to find seawater at your feet, unique atmosphere and beauty in every direction. Whilst Venetian venues are superb and inspiring, the whole experience of being in Venice, whether breakout coffees, dining, or activities, all facets unite to generate a potent meeting event environment. A meeting event in Venice can be a hugely memorable and successful experience, truly taking clients out of their everyday worlds.


Get lost in the streets of Venice and discover uncrowded squares and artisitc & architectural treats around every corner.



Ditch the digital maps and discover the sites that the masses have largely by-passed.

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