Pulsating southern city, offering an undiluted Spanish experience.


Under an eternal sun, Sevilla offers a uniquely Spanish experience with bustling streets, historic monuments and the best Flamenco in Spain. A regional centre, Sevilla is unspoilt by mass tourism, positioned on the banks of the Guadalquivir.

An inland port located between the Atlantic Ocean and the mountains, Sevilla offers water & adrenalin sports across the region. Dining options are extensive, whilst the nightlife is superb.


Facts & figures

  • Population: 690 000
  • January ave. temp. 17°C
  • September ave. temp. 23°C

Airport transfers

  • Sevilla Airport | 8 miles
  • Málaga Airport | 139 miles


  • Flamenco
  • Dining
  • Museums
  • Historic palaces


  • Stand Up Paddling
  • Beach sports
  • Canyoning
  • White water rafting


Predominantly low-rise and stretching along the banks of the Guadalquivir river, Sevilla is a joy to explore on foot. There are narrow labyrinths bordering open squares throughout the city. Orange trees offer natural shade from the eternally sunny skies, whilst the architectural marvel, ‘Las setas’ offers guests the chance to rise above city and view the region from a remarkable vantage point. At night, Sevilla is alive with activity, with the streets packed with shoppers and revellers. Restaurants are plentiful, with value for money particularly good in Sevilla.

The riverside area of the city contains waterfront promenades and bar & restaurant terraces, from which to gaze over the water. River traffic includes cruise ships and site-seeing boats, whilst many Sevillians take to the water on boards, kayaks or rowing boats. Set back slightly from the river is the Plaza de España, an open square with grand buildings and canals. A short walk away is the Royal Alcázar of Seville, a stunning Moorish Royal Palace with intricate mosaics and fountains.



Enjoy a night of the best Flamenco in Spain, in one of Sevilla's superb venues.

beach sports

Take to the waters of the Atlantic, south of Sevilla for a range of water sports.


Descend the river bed and waterfalls of a canyon near Sevilla.


Unscathed by the effects of mass tourism, Sevilla retains a uniquely Spanish feel and its cuisine maintains a wonderful authenticity and presence. Located between the ocean and the mountains, Sevillian cuisine takes both pork and seafood as core ingredients. Tapas is hugely popular and can be found in specialist restaurants, as well as many of the city bars. Tapas is often taken standing, whilst many residents of Sevilla don’t consider dining before dark.

The selection of Sevillian restaurants is huge and cuisine is a great cultural expression in the city. Prices tend to be very reasonable across the city. There are organised culinary tours that sample the best on offer. As well as dining in the heart of the city, there are a number of farms on the outskirts of the city which can host large groups in wonderful, spacious venues, with extensive gardens and entertainment areas.


Sevilla is famed for its nightlife with the streets teeming with activity into the night. As a general rule, Sevillians don’t tend to venture out until later in the evening but are also known to mingle with early morning commuters at day-break. Tapas is often served with drinks to roll 2 activities into 1, whilst clubs open until late.

As well as the city centre bars and clubs, the stretch along the river offers a range of waterfront bars and restaurant terraces that provide great views and a sense of space over the water. Rooftop bars are also a wonderful feature of Sevilla with fresh air and views across the city skyline.


The Sevilla Conference and Exhibition Centre is located in the north of the city and offers extensive, modular space for meetings and exhibitions. With 3 exhibition spaces of 7200m² and auditoriums with capacities of over 1000 people, the centre is one of the leading conference venues in the south of Spain. Spaces are modular with a variety of meeting needs easily catered for, whilst there is the full range of professional meeting and exhibition services available.

With its international airport connections and its location on the Spanish, high-speed rail network, Sevilla is a regional hub for meetings and exhibitions. As well as the extensive conference and exhibition centre in Sevilla, there are numerous modern and historic venues across the city that are capable of hosting meetings and exhibitions, in both hotels and visitor venues.


There is Flamenco and then there is Sevilla Flamenco. One is authentic, the other a theme park type recreation. Sevilla Flamenco is an absolutely not to be missed experience.


Under dimmed lights, the deadly, audience silence is broken as a story is enacted through song and dance. Real Sevilla Flamenco is a truly absorbing and extraordinary experience.

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