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The right venue in the perfect location with superb activities – Jagged Horizons plan and deliver inspired alpine events of outstanding quality and excellent value. The heady mix of jaw-dropping surroundings, sumptuous accommodation and snow sports, with their shared challenges in foreboding and inspiring terrain is a potent means to achieve business objectives.

Whatever the focus of your group ski trip or corporate event, the unfamiliar Alpine setting offers the chance to detach from day-to-day routines and compels groups to enjoy, plan or reflect. Delivering these goals requires an ability to understand the clients’ needs and draw on experience gained delivering numerous inspired and affordable events where ‘money can’t buy‘ moments come as standard. Browse the destinations, accommodation and activities below, get very inspired, then get in contact.


group ski trip

Primarily focussed on skiing or snowboarding, group ski trips still deliver big on a multitude of corporate objectives beginning with team building. Whether excelling or battling their very obvious limits in the mountains, group ski participants often rewrite company folklore. Securing great value in the right location, for a mixed ability group takes experience. We have extensive experience of delivering outstanding group ski trips across large swathes of the Alps.

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corporate ski event

With an itinerary offering more emphasis on delivery of specific business objectives, a corporate event in the Alps can reach beyond basic team building. Alpine meetings, product launches, incentive & reward components or VIP corporate hospitality can be woven into a program complete with a stunning natural backdrop, exhilarating & authentic experiences on and off the slopes and an uncompromising focus on quality.

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Money can't buy experiences

Whilst skiing and snowboarding are often the primary recreational components of any group ski trip or corporate event, activities ‘off the slopes’ can frequently match or eclipse those ‘on the slopes’ activities. Outstanding gastronomy, legendary apres ski or non-ski / snowboard alpine activities on the snow such as tobogganing can create trip-defining moments, whilst the aim of any group ski trip or corporate event should always be to deliver at least one ‘money can’t buy’ experience.

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The right destination means snow on the ground, gastronomic delights on the menu and music in the air. Some companies own chalets or inventory – why wouldn’t they say that their destination trumps all others? We have no vested interests beyond matching our clients’ needs with their perfect destination. There are endless destination choices but far fewer ideal fits and with so many destinations to choose from it is easy to play it safe and opt for the familiar. For clients looking for a new destination we are able to draw on first-hand experiences of some of the very best undiscovered resorts in the Alps.

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on the slopes

It is the shared experience on the slopes that singles out skiing and snowboarding as the ultimate group sports. Time spent on the chair, gazing across a vista or dining on a terrace allows some quality down-time that punctuates the real business of the day – powder tracks or ski safaris. Although it need not be the hero stories that dominate the conversation over dinner – reliving the sight of a colleague battling the adversity thrown up by a slippery surface in inhospitable and foreboding surroundings on day 1 of their snow sports career can bring tears to the eyes.

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