Probably the most beautiful corner of Germany & home to possibly its finest brewery, Tegernsee in the Bavarian Alps, is the best of Germany, distilled into one stunning, mountain fringed lake.


Stunning vistas, 5-star hotels, Michelin dining and lakeside beer gardens – Tegernsee is a side of Germany that few international visitors know. The streets and lakeside promenades are immaculately kept, whilst to the south of the lake, the Bavarian Alps soar into the sky.

The iconic Wallberg mountain offers skiing & hiking trails and range of wonderful rustic huts. The place is an absolute natural paradise and a playground for incentive events, with adventure sports taking place on the water and in the mountains. 35 miles from central Munich, Tegernsee offers a stunning escape from this world-famous city.

Tegernsee is one of the most desirable destinations in Germany for both the stunning scenery and enviable lifestyle. It is both genteel and exhilarating, from its lakeside promenades to the action sports in the adjacent alpine peaks.

Tegernsee could be top table of German hospitality - beer brewing on its shores dates back some 1000 years, whilst today it is home to many award-winning restaurants. Meetings take place with views over the serene lake waters or amongst the stunning nature of the Bavarian Alps.



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Facts & figures

  • Population: 3600
  • June ave. temp. 19°C
  • September ave. temp. 18°C


  • Munich airport | 55 miles
  • Munich station | 35 miles


  • Museums
  • Art galleries
  • Film festivals
  • Festivals
  • Gastronomy
  • Spa & wellness


  • Sailing
  • Stand up paddling
  • Paragliding
  • White water rafting
  • Canyoning


One of the smallest cities in Germany, Tegernsee has a population of around 3600 and is major destination for visitors from Munich. Famed for its Tegenseer beer that has been brewing on the lake shores for some 1000 years, Tegernsee is an absolute gem, with lakeside promenades giving way to the placid waters of the lake and beyond the wonderful Bavarian Alps.

Tegernsee offers several fantastic hotels, a railway station with half-hourly services to Munich main station and a magical waterfront with boat wharfs and a floating sauna. To the north of Tegernsee is the town of Gmund where the lake becomes river. This charming town is home to a wonderful paper factory, which once produced the paper for the Oscar’s ceremony and offers fantastic event options.

Rottach-Egern is a district located to the south of the city of Tegernsee, between the southern shores of the lake and the local Wallberg mountain. The shoreline is home to numerous galleries, restaurants and hotels. These magical towns are home to wonderful traditional and contemporary hotels on the waterfront and amongst the fields.

The towns reach as far as the forests and slopes of the Wallberg mountain in the south, where the lakeland plains give way to the Alps. The Bavarian Alps offer a magical contrast to the lake, with stunning vistas, mountain huts and activities located amongst the mountain peaks.



Sail the emerald waters of Tegernsee.

Person abseiling down a waterfall during a canyoning event.


Leap into raging river canyons of the Bavarian Alps.


Explore the local rivers of the region on a white water or log raft.


Bavarian cuisine is famed around the world for its unique & hearty dishes, and it is widely celebrated in the restaurants around Tegernsee. With a brewing tradition in Tegernsee dating back 1000 years, the Bavarian menu has developed in conjunction with its globally celebrated brews. Dumplings, sausages, steaks, stews, and cheese dishes are all typically found on Tegernsee menus.

Fish pulled directly from the waters of Tegernsee are another iconic dining experience when visiting. A lakeside BBQ is a highlight of a Tegernsee dining experience – alfresco dining in a wonderful setting on the water’s edge. The Germans are both practical and exacting people – they expect quality, authentic food and don't accept excessive pricing. The quality and value of Tegernsee dining reflects this.

Being one of Germany’s most exclusive destinations, Tegernsee offers fine dining. Michelin restaurants form part of the Tegernsee gastronomic offering, as well as similarly high-end dining experiences that operate under German award schemes. At the opposite end of the spectrum to the pomp of Michelin dining, is the mountian dining experince - traditional menus in stunning settings.

The Bavarian Alps to the south of Tegernsee offer some magical, rustic mountain huts to enjoy superb regional cuisine. Set amongst wonderful nature, these historic outposts offer a fantastic contrast to the lakeside locations around Tegernsee. The huts can be combined with activities for a truly authentic Tegernsee experience. Sustainability is very big issue in this fragile, mountainous region and restaurants are pivoting rapidly to offer regional produce.


The gentile shores of Tegernsee are some of the most upmarket and desirable locations in Germany, yet this a location that is fiercely proud of its lifestyle. Brewing has been taking place in Tegernsee for over 1000 years and the towns are awash with the local Tegernseer beer. Beer gardens are an iconic feature of German life and those in Tegernsee enjoy some of the finest locations in the country. No event in Tegernsee is complete without a beer and sausage in one of the fantastic beer gardens.

The lake front of Tegernsee provides a range of exquisite terraces to enjoy German wines and beers. Event venues can be booked on the waterfront or amongst the farmland set back from the lake. Alternatively, the local mountains offer a range of rustic huts to enjoy an evening event. Live music can be combined with an authentic evening in a mountain hut. Terraces overlooking the valleys and lake, fabulous nature and superb drink, food & culture - hut events are a whole lot of fun.


With its proximity to Munich, Tegernsee is a hugely impressive and popular alternative to the world city located just to its north. Several of the larger hotels offer professional meeting & seminar facilities within their properties, with either lakeside locations or lake views from rooftop terraces.

Facilities are generally immaculate and super stylish – significant investments have been made in this meeting infrastructure. Meeting breakouts in this south German idyl are truly special, whilst the local mountains offer contrasting, yet spectacular locations to host meeting or seminar events. For something completely different, meetings can be staged in iconic venues, including a paper factory.

Rail connections to Munich ensure that Tegernsee is easily accessed either by international event attendees or those staying in Munich itself. German railways offer a sustainable and wonderfully scenic way to seamlessly get from Munich airport or centre to the heart of Tegernsee, just metres from hotels and amenities.

As well the superb setting, facilities, and transport connections on offer in Tegernsee, there are a range of fantastic of activities both on water and in the mountains to entertain meeting event delegates. And when they have finished these thrilling activities, dining takes centre stage, with some fantastic event dining options available in Tegernsee.



Tegernsee occupies some of the most fragile terrain in the country, with rain and snow required to feed the rivers, lake and farmlands of Tegernsee. Similarly, Germany is a world-leading economy and progressive & inclusive society.

The suppliers of Tegernsee are acutely aware of the need to promote sustainability and have embarked on meaningful policy programmes. These relate to local supply chains, mobility, environmental protections, inclusive accessibility, and the promotion of local cultures, amongst other things.

Organising an event in Tegernsee offers the chance to help the region build a sustainable future. On a practical level the event delegates could arrive by train, meet in sustainable venues, and enjoy sustainable activities on the lake, or in the mountains.

A sustainable event might involve biking, hiking or stand up paddling, and dining on locally sourced produce. None of these sustainability practices in any way diminish the experience of an event – in fact, quite the opposite. Sustainability initiatives in Tegernsee are both great to experience and ensure that the Tegernsee of today is there for the future.

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