Fine dining on the shores of an Italian lake, wine tasting in a French château, sailing regattas off the Spanish coast or hotel balconies opening out onto the roof of Europe - corporate incentive events deliver a message of appreciation, whilst re-energising teams.

There is no better way to reward and incentivise staff, than taking them to a corporate incentive event in jaw-dropping settings, with to-die-for local cuisine and superb event activities.

From the arctic north, to the shimmering waters of southern Iberia and Italy, there are cities, towns and villages offering unique and extraordinary experiences – moments to truly reward and incentivise teams.


Exclusive retreats, under blue skies and accessing shimmering oceanic or Alpine waters, communicate a clear message of gratitude and individual importance. Far beyond a normal waterside excursion, event programs can be arranged to bring out the most exclusive, authentic and impressive aspects of a location.

There is no better way to experience a destination than consuming it and fine dining allows clients to feast on regional specialities, far detached from our world of homogenous, international cuisine.

Beach parties are a fantastic way of immersing clients in the beauty of an area. Sand under foot, music drifting through the air, sofas to relax on and waiting staff on-hand with refreshments – these event occasions can be special. Wine tasting on a vineyard excursion can be authentic as well as informative and delightful on the palate.

And being near the water, why not spend some time on a yacht, seeing the coast, taking a remote dip and drinking & dining?


Stunning accommodation, exclusive waterside dining and a huge range of incredible activities – Mallorca has it all.


Michelin dining amongst in the world’s foremost wine region, sailing the waters and staying in historic châteaux.


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