Made in Europe – the west is the best

Looking at the unique diversity of Europe, we are travelling from the magical, undiscovered southern heel of Italy to the oasis’s that lie on the Atlantic coast – where forests give way to beaches, waves arrive from another planet, and centuries-old history is lapped by this iconic ocean.

The Mediterranean is so symbolic of European life, the Greek Islands, the French Riviera or world cities such as Barcelona – little reason that the world outside Europe flocks to see these natural and humanmade marvels. Long seasons, wonderful diversity and distinct cultures, the Mediterranean has it all. Whilst the Atlantic waters of Europe might be a few degrees cooler than the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic coast of Europe is extraordinary for lifestyle, scenery and dining. We have selected four of our featured event destinations to remind readers that Europe really does have it all.

Lacanau Ocean – surf therapy

Bordeaux brings joy to the world with their world-famous wines, and locals spend their associated riches, enjoying the staggering surf beaches to the west of the city. Pine forests, home to villa-filled villages give way to indescribably pristine beaches, pummelled clean by the thunderous Atlantic Ocean. The highlight on this coastal strip is Lacanau Ocean, a surf town under a canopy of pine trees. The vast beaches are fringed by dunes, with restaurant terraces offering magical vistas and sunsets. Surf classes dot the beach, whilst the town centre provides a backdrop of art and retail as locals sit to enjoy a glass of Bordeaux. Lacanau is easy to incorporate into a dual destination event programme with Bordeaux.

Tróia – an oasis from another continent 

Gazing over the Tróia peninsula, it is hard to imagine that this 10-mile-long sand bar is attached to western Europe. Its white sands are other-worldly, the waters teem with nature and the uncrowded spaces offer an escape like few others in Europe. Little-known outside beyond the Lisbon locals, Tróia offers the visitor wonderful marina-side bars, beach club dining, golf, sailing and a wide range of water and land-based activities. Located just 90 minutes south of Lisbon, Tróia leaves visitors perplexed as to how such a place exists on the European continent.

Lisbon – the capital on the water

For those seeking a city event which includes the thrills of the Atlantic Ocean, Lisbon is a stand-out location. Flight connections from across the globe, harbour sailing, rich & unique culture & cuisine, and a sunny Atlantic coast on the western flank of the city – Lisbon is a special city. The city itself boasts numerous excellent meeting venues, whilst harbourside dining restaurants are large enough for event groups and entertainment. Sailing regattas on the city harbour are an absolute highlight in a meeting or incentive event programme.

Tenerife – sun 365

Peak summer periods are pretty much out of the question for many corporate event planners, so locations such as the Canary Islands with their winter sun are great locations to host beach events, outside of the summer months. As well as the year-round sun, Tenerife offers a wonderful location to host a corporate event, with its rugged interior dominated by Mount Teide and wonderful contrasts between the south and north of the island. 

Whilst the Mediterranean gets most of the coastal acclaim in Europe, the Atlantic coast offers pristine beaches and roaring energy to both mesmerise and play on. The best aspect is that they are both European, offer incomparable culture, history & nature and make travel to beach events further afield needlessly expensive, destructive and time inefficient. Events answers lie within Europe.

crowded street with tram
Surfers learning to surf
Sailing yachts racing on Lisbon harbour
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