Jumps, climbs, caves & waves – coasteering is a big hit activity offering incredible thrills in some of the most magical locations on the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts.

A superb team activity, coasteering combines adrenalin action and magical seclusion. Coasteering is one of the most memorable summer incentive event activities available

Small groups explore the inaccessible coastline and are rewarded with cliff-jumps into emerald Mediterranean waters, wonderfully secluded locations and a true sense of achievement. Coasteering really delivers on the wow factor and can be part of a sustainable event.

Clients get to access pristine coastlines that are remote, rugged and well off the radar of most. The locations in themselves are remarkable with emerald waters and fascinating wave-carved rock formations.

Taking clients far from their everyday routines is a key corporate event objective and there are few corporate meeting or incentive activities that can compare with coasteering.


Clients are required to be good swimmers and have a head for heights. Large event groups are split into smaller units and are led by a qualified guide, whose skillset is somewhere between a rock climber and a life guard.

Depending on the coastal route taken, a coasteering trip will include a series of climbs and jumps, with cave sections and zip lines included at times. Wetsuits, helmets and footwear are provided and little else is worn or carried, making coasteering a refreshingly pure pursuit. The best suppliers should offer a coasteering programme that conforms to sustainable event criteria.

The ability to access remote coves is special, whilst contacting and navigating these rocky inlets offers a real connection to the coastal systems, the nature and geology that is rarely seen in such detail.

A few clients may feel a reluctance to jump from the cliffs, but most conquer their fears and reap the rewards of thrilling plunges into the water, whilst good coasteering guides will have a fall-back route for the less brave. Tidal movements in the Mediterranean are often small but tides can affect coasteering routes on the Atlantic coast. Waves can add to the fun of coasteering, but bigger waves can lead to the cancellation of trips.


Dotted with coves, Mallorca has some superb coasteering terrain, with the east coast especially impressive. Warm waters add to the joy of coasteering in Mallorca.


To the east and west of Málaga, in the far south of Spain, there are some excellent coasteering locations that can be reached from the city with short transfers.


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