The beating heart of the arctic – rugged landscapes, extreme climates and a welcome powered by true polar spirit. Tromsø is a place to host meeting & incentive events that are truly out of the ordinary.


With wildly varying seasons, Tromsø is the arctic outpost offering near eternal darkness or light. The land of the midnight sun during the summer months, Tromsø offers an experience like few other places.

Events hosted in the city deliver a true disconnect from daily routines – the daylight alters minds, the activities are unique to the region and the event venues are wonderfully quirky and resolutely arctic.

Scenically the city and surroundings are magical - but so are many other destinations. What makes Tromsø so special are the personalities of the hosts, forged in the high arctic.

The polar spirit thrives in Tromsø with welcoming locals offering easy conversations. With an airport just minutes from the city centre and all the main landmarks in the central area, Tromsø is outstanding for short duration meeting & incentive events.


Facts & figures

  • Population | 58,000
  • June ave. temp. 9°C
  • September ave. temp. 7°C

Airport transfers

  • Tromsø airport | 3 miles


  • Museums
  • Research centres
  • Northern lights
  • Botanical gardens
  • Whale watching
  • Glass & jewellery ateliers


  • RIB tours
  • Hiking
  • Arctic swimming
  • Boat cruises
  • Sauna
  • Winter sports in late autumn/spring


Located on an island, 69° north in the Norwegian arctic, Tromsø is surrounded by frigid waters and mountains. The island offers a range of activities and entertainment as well as polar and university research institutions, with staff and students giving Tromsø an international feel. Storgata is the main street in Tromsø with shops and entertainment all congregating there.

This is where the main social activity on the island takes places with people browsing shops, enjoying the long days on café terraces or socialising in the bars during the evening. Low-rise, attractive, yet rugged – Tromsø is built to survive the long winters as well as enjoy the arctic midnight sun. There is a really unique feel to Tromsø, being on top of the world offers a wonderful sense of escape and event attendees can truly experience a reset of the mind.

Tromsø island is just 10km in length, with a compact central area that is easy to navigate as well as access from the airport that lies 5 km from the city centre. The central area gives way to the harbour on the east coast of the island. This is a fantastic part of Tromsø with views over the water, shipping and yachts and a wonderful pedestrian waterfront that is expanding to the north.

During the long summer days, the quayside terraces are atmospheric and busy. Directly across the water from the harbour is Tromsdalen, the eastern suburb accessed by a road and pedestrian bridge. This area is home to the iconic Fjellheisen cable car, the arctic cathedral and some enviable, suburban Tromsø dwellings.


RIB tour

Explore the area, skimming across the arctic waters.

Tromsø craft tour

Glass, jewelry & beer workshop tours.


From a searing sauna to icy arctic waters.



Tromsø began its formal journey to sustainability accreditation in 2017 and by 2019 was awarded the Sustainable Destination label by the government agency - Innovation Norway.

Clients arriving in Tromsø can be assured that the impact of their event is mitigated on several levels. Award of the accreditation is subject to review and criteria are continually revised to reflect the need for a destination to constantly achieve higher sustainability goals.

There are 17 United Nations ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ covering a wide range of socio, economic and environmental ctiteria, of which Tromsø has been successfully complying with the objectives:

  • Health and well-being.
  • Quality work and economic growth.
  • Industry, innovation and infrastructure.
  • Sustainable cities and communities.
  • Responsible consumption and production.
  • Partnerships.


Fishing remains a key industry in Tromsø, and the seafood is a mainstay on the menus of the city’s restaurants. The region is also home to large reindeer herds and this meat forms the basis of some wonderful regional dishes.

Restaurants in Tromsø tend to offer superb quality and identity rather than Michelin pomp. Cosy, authentic and offering a truly arctic experience, there are several fantastic dining options in Tromsø.

Restaurants are predominantly located in the central area of the city, but both the quayside and the nearby Fjellheisen peak offer wonderful, diverse locations to dine in and socialise in.

Awarded national sustainability accreditation, Tromsø has a great regional menu as well as a growing number of vegetarian menus, often relying on locally sourced produce.


Tromsø nightlife reflects its seasons. The winter nightlife is characterised by intimate bars and restaurants, escaping the cold and the dark. Norwegians though celebrate the seasonal flipside and spend as much time outdoors as possible.

During the periods of long daylight, Tromsø terraces are thronged with guests enjoying drinks or food, often with a view. The quayside is a fantastic place to enjoy the scenery of Tromsø, whilst Storgata is lined with bars and shops, offering a real buzzing atmosphere. Being Norway, the bars are either historic or wonderfully modern and stylish.

The oldest pub in Tromsø, the Ølhallen is an absolute icon of city life and has been welcoming locals and visitors for around 100 years. There are a record-breaking 72 beer taps to feed clients and the venue can accommodate large group events.

It is possible to hire space outside of the main Ølhallen bar, whilst tours of the adjoining Mack microbrewery offers a fascinating event activity. Meetings can also be held in the brewery. The population of Tromsø has a real international mix and for much of the year, Tromsø has a wonderfully vibrant atmosphere.


There are few places left in our crowded world to offer real escape – Tromsø, though does just that. Whether for a meeting or incentive event, clients require a destination to really contrast with their everyday experiences – the unfamiliar truly frees the mind, nowhere more so than arctic Norway.

Tromsø offers a range of spaces and venues to meet in the high arctic. These venues include conference rooms in hotels but more interestingly, meeting spaces in the mountains or on the water around Tromsø. Accessed by cable car from eastern Tromsø, Fjellheisen peak offers the chance to meet, explore and dine with superb views over the city and arctic waters, peaks, and tundra.

In Tromsø itself there are unique meeting venues in and around the city’s microbrewery, offering historic or industrial backdrops. Sitting on top of the world, Tromsø is a spiritual place and there are mindful meeting spaces that can combine both formal meeting sessions and human spiritual development.

In additional to the meeting spaces there are some outstanding breakout areas to enjoy, whilst outside of the meeting sessions the range of activities in Tromsø make the city a stand-out destination for meeting event programmes.


There is nothing more representative of Nordic-lifestyle than the sauna, and Tromsø boasts a floating sauna in the city harbour. Architecturally, the sauna is a masterpiece, designed to mimic the cod drying racks which are so entwined into Norwegian life.

Inside the sauna is a social melting pot of locals and visitors, all reflecting on the joyous experience of extreme heat & cold. The sauna can be booked for groups and is a must-do experience in Tromsø.


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